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Saorge Photo Gallery

  •  Saorge photo saorge044b.jpg

    1/19. Saorge village in the notch.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0002b.jpg

    2/19. Saorge village exterior view, nestled on the mountain side.

  •  Saorge photo saorge102b.jpg

    3/19. A panorama of Saorge village. The village school is on the side of a rocky outcrop at the far left.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0008b.jpg

    4/19. Saorge village exterior view, front of village in sunshine.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0048b.jpg

    5/19. Saorge village exterior close-up. The village school is on the side of a rocky outcrop at the far left.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0055b.jpg

    6/19. Saorge village bell tower.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0052b.jpg

    7/19. Saorge village bell tower close-up.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0025b.jpg

    8/19. Step-street in Saorge village.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0043b.jpg

    9/19. Interior of Saorge village, with fountain and vaulted passage.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0042b.jpg

    10/19. Vaulted passage and narrow street in Saorge village.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0044b.jpg

    11/19. Colorful doorway facade and coat of arms in Saorge village.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0017b.jpg

    12/19. Cobblestone street and step-street with Saorge village autumn leaves.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0060b.jpg

    13/19. Saorge village fountain of green schist stone.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0012b.jpg

    14/19. Notre-Dame-des-Miracles monastery in Saorge.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0003b.jpg

    15/19. La Madone del Poggio 11th-century stone bell tower in Saorge village.

  •  Saorge photo saorge095b.jpg

    16/19. Saorge village red slate roofs and golden bell-tower tops. The view is south, down the Roya valley.

  •  Saorge photo saorge0064b.jpg

    17/19. Train des Merveilles (Nice - Cuneo) going up the Roya valley, across from Saorge village.

  •  Saorge photo saorge001b.jpg

    18/19. The Saorge - Fontan train station. The train des Merveilles (Nice - Cuneo) stops here for the villages of Saorge and Fontan.

  •  Saorge photo saorge041b.jpg

    19/19. An old railway poster at the Saorge - Fontan train station.

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