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Salle-les-Alpes Photo Gallery

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallealpes0014.jpg

    1/10. 15th-c église St-Marcelin, in the center of La Salle-les-Alpes.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallealpes0007.jpg

    2/10. St-Marcelin's stone lion.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo salle1811eglise0068.jpg

    3/10. Lovely and ornate 1811 sundial on the church.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallealpes0010.jpg

    4/10. Aerial view of Guisane Valley and Serre-Chevalier. Viewed from hillside on west of Valley, La Salle-les-Alpes above fields in center, Villeneuve complex across road to right; distance going southeast past Chantemerle, St Chaffrey.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallealpes0011.jpg

    5/10. Aerial view zoomed on La Salle-les-Alpes and Villeneuve. Villeneuve is in the lower-right corner.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallebez0009.jpg

    6/10. Stone fountain in the center of Le Bez.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallebez0013.jpg

    7/10. Fading trompe l'oeil on an old building in Le Bez.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo sallebez1824sol0001.jpg

    8/10. A pretty 1824 sundial on a private house in Le Bez.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo villardlat0002.jpg

    9/10. Small blue chapel St-Antoine, in Villard-Laté.

  •  Salle-les-Alpes photo villardlat0001.jpg

    10/10. Interior of the old communal oven of Villard-Laté.

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