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Sabran Photo Gallery

  •  Sabran photo sabran0002b.jpg

    1/15. All of Sabran village, nestled below the ruins of the old castle and church

  •  Sabran photo sabran0013b.jpg

    2/15. Chateau ruins and old church at Sabran

  •  Sabran photo sabran0025b.jpg

    3/15. Nave exterior of the old church with the ruins above Sabran village

  •  Sabran photo sabran0026b.jpg

    4/15. Sabran castle ruins and the tall religious statue above the village

  •  Sabran photo sabran0044b.jpg

    5/15. A street leading into the village of Sabran

  •  Sabran photo sabran0030b.jpg

    6/15. A Sabran village street; the arched doorway is dated "1824"

  •  Sabran photo sabran0041b.jpg

    7/15. Part of the village center of Sabran

  •  Sabran photo sabran0048b.jpg

    8/15. Slightly modernized part of Sabran village, the old covered fountain in the corner of the street

  •  Sabran photo sabran0006b.jpg

    9/15. Family of nesting storks decorating a house in the village of Sabran

  •  Sabran photo sabran0055b.jpg

    10/15. An artisan sign on a Sabran village house, of a silkworm operation

  •  Sabran photo sabran-combe0018b.jpg

    11/15. Communal bread oven in Combe hamlet of Sabran

  •  Sabran photo sabran-lavoir0001b.jpg

    12/15. The Sabran village lavoir in the corner of a field well below the village

  •  Sabran photo sabran-lavoir0016b.jpg

    13/15. Interior of the Sabran village lavoir

  •  Sabran photo sabran-combe-lavoir0007b.jpg

    14/15. Open lavoir in Combe hamlet of Sabran; the covered fountain behind

  •  Sabran photo sabran-combe-sundial0007b.jpg

    15/15. An ancient sundial (cadran solaire) in Sabran's Combe hamlet

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