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Rougon Photo Gallery

  •  Rougon photo rougon0036b.jpg

    1/8. Rougon village sitting on a remote mountain ledge above the Verdon valley. Vestiges of the old castle are visible on top of the high rock.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0035b.jpg

    2/8. Rougon village viewed from across the Verdon Gorge.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0028b.jpg

    3/8. Rougon village tucked behind a protective rock formation. The old castle sat atop the rock.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0023b.jpg

    4/8. Picnicking beside Rougon village. A small amount of shade and a great view.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0033b.jpg

    5/8. The commercial center of Rougon village. Restaurant, grocery store, post agency, Bistro de Pays — it's all there.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0020b.jpg

    6/8. Rougon town square on a village fete day.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0017b.jpg

    7/8. The upper Verdon Gorges viewed from Rougon village. Looking east towards Castellane.

  •  Rougon photo rougon0001b.jpg

    8/8. Looking out from the east side of Rougon village. The 'Buvette' close on the right is a good summertime eating place. The nesting area of the vultures is on the side of the far cliffs.

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