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Rognonas Photo Gallery

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0001b.jpg

    1/18. A nicely detailed wall mural of Rognonas, in Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0034b.jpg

    2/18. Ave des Ecoles entering Rognonas center from the north, beside the church

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0038b.jpg

    3/18. Front of the Rognonas church on the Place Jean d'Arc

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0004b.jpg

    4/18. Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) on her charger in the main square of Rognonas: Place Jeanne d'Arc

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0018b.jpg

    5/18. The fountain in the large Place du Marche of Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0011b.jpg

    6/18. Bull events are part of the culture of many Provencal village, and Rognonas is one of many with their arena

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0025b.jpg

    7/18. A colorful café in Rognonas, on the morning of the Saint Eloi procession

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0002b.jpg

    8/18. An ancient establishment sign in Rognonas with the telephone number "6"

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0016b.jpg

    9/18. This sundial (cadran solaire) in the 19th-century style was done by the "high school" of Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas0031b.jpg

    10/18. Long delicate shadows from the pointer of this Rognonas sundial (cadran solaire)

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0006b.jpg

    11/18. Period costumed ladies of all ages fors Saint Eloi in Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0014b.jpg

    12/18. Saint Eloi represented in the Saint Eloi procession in Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0019b.jpg

    13/18. Dancers in the July Saint Eloi procession in Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0038b.jpg

    14/18. Period carriages in the Saint Eloi procession of Rognonas had a variety of lovely cargo

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0061b.jpg

    15/18. The manade of Camargue white horses leading a Saint Eloi procession through the streets of Rognonas

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0067b.jpg

    16/18. Sidesaddle but serious riders breaking into a gallop in the Rognonas Saint Eloi procession

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0091b.jpg

    17/18. Climax of the Rognonas Saint Eloi procession is this long train of horses galloping through the streets

  •  Rognonas photo rognonas-st-eloi0115b.jpg

    18/18. After the Saint Eloi procession the Rognonas band played a great rendition of Amazing Grace

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