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Rocbaron Photo Gallery

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron-st-sauveur0019b.jpg

    1/9. Castle ruins overlooking Rocbaron village

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0032b.jpg

    2/9. Rocbaron village viewed from castle ruins above. Looking northwest, with Garéoult in the far plains at the left.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0004b.jpg

    3/9. Rocbaron church and fountain at Place de l'Eglise.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0028b.jpg

    4/9. Rocbaron Meditheque and Office de Tourisme.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0019b.jpg

    5/9. Rue des Faysonnes in Rocbaron. La Terrasse café-restaurant is at the right.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0006b.jpg

    6/9. The old Bakery (Boulangerie Patisserie) in Rocbaron. The iron grill is closed; and note the left-side painting of the baker at work.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0016b.jpg

    7/9. The new Epicerie in Rocbaron. The iron grill is open; note the left-side now says Chez Tante Anélie.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0017b.jpg

    8/9. Bakery emblem detail on the iron grill in Rocbaron.

  •  Rocbaron photo rocbaron0035b.jpg

    9/9. Rocbaron honoring the village's last shepherd.

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