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Revest-les-Roches Photo Gallery

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0014b.jpg

    1/9. Revest-les-Roches village perched in the hills - Looking towards the east

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0008b.jpg

    2/9. Revest-les-Roches lost in the hills - Viewed from the trail up to Mont Vial; the peak opposite in Mont Lion, and the bright horizon in the distance in the Mediterranean.

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0027b.jpg

    3/9. Church and Hotel de Ville in Revest-les-Roches - Mont Vial is the ridge behind, and that's a sundial on the church wall

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0029b.jpg

    4/9. Sundial in Revest-les-Roches - Modern, but a nice, artistic design

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0026b.jpg

    5/9. A pleasant residential place/street in Revest-les-Roches

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0022b.jpg

    6/9. Rue du Pont - vaulted passage in Revest-les-Roches

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0030b.jpg

    7/9. The only bar-café-restaurant in Revest-les-Roches - Open Tue-Sat from 6h30, and Sun from 8h00.

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0018b.jpg

    8/9. Main street in Revest-les-Roches - Typical village scene, with workman tiling roof over the lavoir, and a motorized carrier putting through the street.

  •  Revest-les-Roches photo revest-roches0019b.jpg

    9/9. Provencal clock and bell tower of the Revest-les-Roches church

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