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Prades-48 Photo Gallery

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0015b.jpg

    1/8. Entering Prades hamlet on the road south into the Tarn Gorges

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0018b.jpg

    2/8. A new dovecote-style house in Prades - An authentic one can be seen in the background

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0021b.jpg

    3/8. Cyclists peddling north through the center of Prades

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0024b.jpg

    4/8. The main road through Prades hamlet

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0026b.jpg

    5/8. Prades castle across the slate tiled roofs of the village

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0027b.jpg

    6/8. The hamlet and chateau of Prades, in the forested valley of the upper Tarn Gorges

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0031b.jpg

    7/8. Café-hotel interior at Prades

  •  Prades-48 photo prades0034b.jpg

    8/8. An out-of-date sign in Prades for the telephone in the hotel

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