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Pierrefeu-du-Var Photo Gallery

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0003b.jpg

    1/9. The prominent trompe-l'oeil mural in Pierrefeu-du-Var

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0027b.jpg

    2/9. Chapel perched on the hilltop above Pierrefeu-du-Var village.

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0011b.jpg

    3/9. Part of the market, on a cool January morning in Pierrefeu-du-Var

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0017b.jpg

    4/9. The fountain at the Place de la Concorde of Pierrefeu-du-Var

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0004b.jpg

    5/9. A picturesque little market shop on the main street of Pierrefeu-du-Var

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0012b.jpg

    6/9. Pierrefeu-du-Var village viewed from below (at the market). The chapel is perched at the very top.

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0029_30b.jpg

    7/9. A panorama of Pierrefeu-du-Var village viewed from the chapel above.

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0014b.jpg

    8/9. A map of Pierrefeu-du-Var village center. Built before the war by someone returning from "the colonies"; located a couple of km out of town.

  •  Pierrefeu-du-Var photo pierrefeu-var0043b.jpg

    9/9. A colorful and unique "colonial" style house at Pierrefeu-du-Var.

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