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Peymeinade Photo Gallery

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0002b.jpg

    1/9. Main square in Peymeinade old village. The windows on the near end of the house are all trompes l'oeille

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0004b.jpg

    2/9. Trompe l'oeille round window in Peymeinade old village

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0005b.jpg

    3/9. Provencal-colored house in Peymeinade old village

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0010b.jpg

    4/9. Main road through Peymeinade new part - The Grasse-Draguignan road passes this area, officially called Saint Mark.

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0013b.jpg

    5/9. Peymeinade center (new part) - The lane straight ahead leads eventually to the Peymeinade old town.

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0015b.jpg

    6/9. Peymeinade central square and fountain (new part)

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinade0020b.jpg

    7/9. Vegetable-fruit market shop on Peymeinade main road

  •  Peymeinade photo peymeinadesun0002b.jpg

    8/9. Sundial in Peymeinade old village - On the corner of the house with the trompe l'oeille windows

  •  Peymeinade photo canal-siagne0015b.jpg

    9/9. Canal de la Siagne near Peymeinade.

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