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Nîmes Photo Gallery

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0111b.jpg

    1/17. Bronze matador in front of the Nîmes Roman arena.

  •  Nîmes photo nimesarena0034b.jpg

    2/17. Nîmes Roman arena on a sunny day in September.

  •  Nîmes photo nimesarena0015b.jpg

    3/17. An inside passage of the Nîmes Roman arena.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0103b.jpg

    4/17. Pradier Fountain (La Fontaine Pradier), 1851, in park near the Nîmes Arena.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes-maison-carree0009b.jpg

    5/17. This is Nîmes' Maison Carrée, a Roman temple dedicated to Gaius Julius Caesar and Lucius Caesar. Built during the period of 269-16 BC, by the patron of the Roman Pantheon, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes-maison-carree0012b.jpg

    6/17. Nîmes Maison Carrée Roman temple and surrounding area

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0006b.jpg

    7/17. The tall 15th-century clock tower at Nîmes' Place de l'Horloge

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0011b.jpg

    8/17. Crocodile and terrace cafés on Place du Marché in Nîmes. The crocodile symbol in Nîmes' coat of arms honored the veterans of the Roman legions returned from Caesar's Nile campaigns.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0131b.jpg

    9/17. Real crocodiles inside the Nîmes town hall (Mairie). Yes, real! But stuffed, and around 400-500 years old.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0121b.jpg

    10/17. The 'Jacquemard' on the building facing the front of the Nîmes town hall (Mairie).

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0016b.jpg

    11/17. Sculpted tower on a building viewed from the Roman arena in Nîmes.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0045b.jpg

    12/17. Nîmes Roman ruins and statue at the old Roman road 'Via Domitia', now the Rue Nationale.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0059b.jpg

    13/17. Nîmes' long, shady boulevard 'Quai de la Fontaine'. This leads west from the center of Nîmes towards the Jardins de la Fontaine.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0096b.jpg

    14/17. Jardins de la Fontaine in Nîmes. This magnificent site was the first civic gardens in France, built in the middle of the 18th century.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0067b.jpg

    15/17. A watery detail of Nîmes Jardins de la Fontaine.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes0074b.jpg

    16/17. Nîmes' Jardins de la Fontaine, facing the grand staircase.

  •  Nîmes photo nimes-tour-magne0020b.jpg

    17/17. Nîmes Roman Tour Magne, on hilltop at north edge of the town

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