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Mougins Photo Gallery

  •  Mougins photo mougins0001b.jpg

    1/18. Medieval Mougins village. Viewed from the Notre-Dame-de-Vie chapel across the valley to the southeast.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0015b.jpg

    2/18. Mougins tiled 'plan' of the perched village.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0019b.jpg

    3/18. Mougins - restaurants and art galleries.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0024b.jpg

    4/18. Mougins Place Commandant Lamy - looking northwest.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0032b.jpg

    5/18. Bronze statue fountain in the Place Commandant Lamy.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0040b.jpg

    6/18. A pristine little park in the center of Mougins village.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0047b.jpg

    7/18. Looking east towards Mougins' Place Commandant Lamy.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0048b.jpg

    8/18. Mougins - restaurants and estate agents.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0051b.jpg

    9/18. Rue de l'Eglise, Mougins.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0056b.jpg

    10/18. Mougins - more restaurants. Looking back down the Rue de l'Eglise.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0046b.jpg

    11/18. Mougins stone fountain with 2 'heads'.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0063b.jpg

    12/18. Mougins Porte Sarrazine, fortified entrance. Viewed from the inside of the village. The entrance to the Photography Museum is the half-seen doorway to the left the the vaulted entrance.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0083b.jpg

    13/18. Stone-iron 'lion' fountain. The Fontaine Maryse Duhalde, at the Place du Ltd Isnard.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0093b.jpg

    14/18. Mougins narrow village street. Rue Maréchal Foch, with the local-history museum (musée d'histoire locale).

  •  Mougins photo mougins0100b.jpg

    15/18. Mougins curios-gift shop.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0105b.jpg

    16/18. The Mougins 'lavoir'. The first 'lavoir' (wash house) we've ever seen that's been transformed into an art gallery.

  •  Mougins photo notredamevie0013b.jpg

    17/18. Notre-Dame-de-Vie chapel. Across the valley from Mougins village - beside the house where Picasso died.

  •  Mougins photo mougins0112b.jpg

    18/18. Saint Barthelémy Chapelle with its rare octagonal shape.

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