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Montpezat Photo Gallery

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0005b.jpg

    1/15. Low hilltop village of Montpezat, the lavoir at the right edge of the photo

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0007b.jpg

    2/15. Montpezat village perched on a low, forested hilltop

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0009b.jpg

    3/15. Bell tower of the Montpezat medieval church with pointed steeple

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0015b.jpg

    4/15. Central square of Montpezat, Place de l'Eglise, with the town hall

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0017b.jpg

    5/15. The massif walls of the medieval fortress beside the town hall in Montpezat

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0020b.jpg

    6/15. Entranceway to the castle of Montpezat

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0014b.jpg

    7/15. Step-street La Calade in Montpezat, which means step street

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0038b.jpg

    8/15. One of the many vaulted passages in the center of Montpezat village

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0044b.jpg

    9/15. Montpezat vaulted passage giving onto the tiny, hidden Place des Fetards (party-goers square)

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0050b.jpg

    10/15. Vaulted passages, cobblestone streets, stone walls in the village of Montpezet

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat0065b.jpg

    11/15. A very lovely park area at Montpezet village

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat-lavoir0005b.jpg

    12/15. The covered lavoir of Montpezat with the village visible behind

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat-lavoir0009b.jpg

    13/15. Interior of the Montpezat village lavoir

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat-donkey0009b.jpg

    14/15. A pair of Provencal donkeys by the lavoir of Montpezat

  •  Montpezat photo montpezat-cat0018b.jpg

    15/15. Montpezat village cat arriving over an old stone wall

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