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Montauroux Photo Gallery

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0026b.jpg

    1/10. The brightly Provencal post office (PTT) building.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0002b.jpg

    2/10. A faded but still-lovely building; - at the edge of the town center.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0015b.jpg

    3/10. The lavoir, exterior. The "roof" of the lavoir is the town's main square.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0018b.jpg

    4/10. The lavoir, interior.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux030.jpg

    5/10. A peak at the village exterior. It's difficult to get a shot of the village from the outside.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux028.jpg

    6/10. A Montauroux village street. Taken a few years ago with a real film camera; poor color in the shadows.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0023.jpg

    7/10. A town butcher shop and stone fountain.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0013b.jpg

    8/10. A large stone fountain. There are several ancient stone fountains in the Montauroux.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0007b.jpg

    9/10. Sundial (cadran solaire) and colors. An old photo of a modern sundial.

  •  Montauroux photo montauroux0032b.jpg

    10/10. Ancient faded sundial (cadran solaire). A new photo of an old sundial; there's even beauty in the faded state.

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