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Mézel Photo Gallery

  •  Mezel photo mezel0043b.jpg

    1/7. Mézel doorway 1. These old doorways seem to be the leitmotif of the village.

  •  Mezel photo mezel0031b.jpg

    2/7. Town center. The D907 road is at the right edge of the photo. The village is located behind the walled houses at the left.

  •  Mezel photo mezel0017b.jpg

    3/7. Town hall. The wide steps at the right, in front of the Mairie lead up to the chapel, hidden in the trees at the top of the photo.

  •  Mezel photo mezel0004b.jpg

    4/7. Sundial. We don't have a date for this cadrane solaire, but it looks autentic.

  •  Mezel photo mezel0033b.jpg

    5/7. Busy street. This is the main street of the village: Rue Grande.

  •  Mezel photo mezel0008b.jpg

    6/7. Letter box.

  •  Mezel photo mezel0001b.jpg

    7/7. Faded old sign.

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