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Martigues Photo Gallery

  •  Martigues photo martigues0086b.jpg

    1/21. Looking east along the island canal in Martigues, Quai Briand at the left

  •  Martigues photo martigues070b.jpg

    2/21. Martigues island canal, Quai Marceau, our 1997 photo

  •  Martigues photo martigues0002b.jpg

    3/21. Bronze Martigues fisherman and his wife waiting beside the Baussengue canal

  •  Martigues photo martigues071b.jpg

    4/21. Rue de la Republique bridge across Canal Baussengue was a pivoting bridge in 1997

  •  Martigues photo martigues0027b.jpg

    5/21. Martigues houses on the Quai des Girondins and the bridge that replaced the pivoting bridge

  •  Martigues photo martigues0032b.jpg

    6/21. Martigues fishing boats on the south side of the Baussengue canal

  •  Martigues photo martigues0114b.jpg

    7/21. Place de la Liberation fountain at Quai Briand in Martigues

  •  Martigues photo martigues0117b.jpg

    8/21. The Thursday produce market of Quai Briand, on the island part of Martigues

  •  Martigues photo martigues0036b.jpg

    9/21. South side of the main Galiffet canal at Martigues, west towards Port-de-Bouc

  •  Martigues photo martigues0041b.jpg

    10/21. North side of the main Galiffet canal is the island center of Martigues, Quai des Aglais

  •  Martigues photo martigues0175b.jpg

    11/21. Long and colorful Rue Pelletan in the island heart of Martigues

  •  Martigues photo martigues0080b.jpg

    12/21. Martigues, Quai Brescon has pastel houses, 'pointu' boats and terrace restaurants

  •  Martigues photo martigues0069b.jpg

    13/21. Pastel houses and 'pointu' boats on the picturesque island canal of Martigues, Quai Brescon

  •  Martigues photo martigues0126b.jpg

    14/21. Barefoot boy bronze statue (detail) at a Martigues monument, Place de la Liberation

  •  Martigues photo martigues0132b.jpg

    15/21. The large Place Mirabeau in the island part of Martigues, with colorful houses

  •  Martigues photo martigues0152b.jpg

    16/21. An ancient, giant (and worn) wooden cicadia high on the corner of the orange house, Place Mirabeau, Martigues

  •  Martigues photo martigues0147b.jpg

    17/21. Large 17th-century fountain at the Place Mirabeau in the center of Martigues

  •  Martigues photo martigues0158b.jpg

    18/21. A small archeological museum 'in situ' at Place Maritima in Martigues

  •  Martigues photo martigues073b.jpg

    19/21. This rebuilt windmill overlooks Martigues from a low hilltop just to the north

  •  Martigues photo martigues-bus0001b.jpg

    20/21. The Martigues - Marseille bus crossing a narrow bridge over a village canal

  •  Martigues photo martigues-seagull0003b.jpg

    21/21. A Martigues village seagull takes the place of our usual village cat photo

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