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Lussan Photo Gallery

  •  Lussan photo lussan0045b.jpg

    1/16. The Lussan chateau viewed from below, with pretty white clouds

  •  Lussan photo lussan0075b.jpg

    2/16. View north across the plains, past the Lussan chateau

  •  Lussan photo lussan0011b.jpg

    3/16. Lussan village perched on a low hill - viewed from the southeast side

  •  Lussan photo lussan0049b.jpg

    4/16. The shady side of the Lussan chateau

  •  Lussan photo lussan0039b.jpg

    5/16. The Lussan chateau courtyard side, with its towerss

  •  Lussan photo lussan0042b.jpg

    6/16. Lussan chateau belfry tower with its wroght-iron campanile

  •  Lussan photo lussan0078b.jpg

    7/16. 19th-century fountain and ballance-handle pump in Lussan village

  •  Lussan photo lussan0122b.jpg

    8/16. Blue door, blue window shutters in Lussan village

  •  Lussan photo lussan0180b.jpg

    9/16. La Petite Auberge de Lussan, on a central village square

  •  Lussan photo lussan0064b.jpg

    10/16. A finely-wrought sign for the village blacksmith

  •  Lussan photo lussan0141b.jpg

    11/16. Iron school sign and butterfly at the Lussan village school

  •  Lussan photo lussan0206b.jpg

    12/16. A small museum area inside the Lussan chateau - the large, flat device is a Gallo-Roman trillo for crushing grain

  •  Lussan photo lussan0192b.jpg

    13/16. Lussan village war-memorial plaques, inside the chateau entry

  •  Lussan photo lussan0192b2.jpg

    14/16. Detail of a war-memorial plaque in the Lussan chateau entry

  •  Lussan photo lussan-cat0002b.jpg

    15/16. A Lussan village cat

  •  Lussan photo lussan-shepherd0001b.jpg

    16/16. Shepherd with flock and dog in field below the village

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