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Lirac Photo Gallery

  •  Lirac photo lirac0010b.jpg

    1/11. The simple town hall (Mairie) of Lirac was constructed in 1837, as the village school

  •  Lirac photo lirac0075b.jpg

    2/11. Village center of Lirac, the 1808 fountain at the left

  •  Lirac photo lirac0059b.jpg

    3/11. The central fountain in Lirac was built in 1808

  •  Lirac photo lirac0018b.jpg

    4/11. The main road entering the center of Lirac from the south

  •  Lirac photo lirac0013b.jpg

    5/11. The main road south from the center of Lirac

  •  Lirac photo lirac0001b.jpg

    6/11. Lirac village church was built in the 12th century, rebuilt in the 19th

  •  Lirac photo lirac0032b.jpg

    7/11. The Lirac lavoir with its lovely and large outdoor basin

  •  Lirac photo lirac0048b.jpg

    8/11. The covered lavoir of Lirac village

  •  Lirac photo lirac0026b.jpg

    9/11. Local traffic on a weekday passing through Lirac, fresh from tending the vineyards

  •  Lirac photo lirac0068b.jpg

    10/11. Lirac school transportation, 4-wheel and 1-wheel

  •  Lirac photo lirac-ste-baume0043b.jpg

    11/11. Hermitage-Chapel Sainte Baume, in the hills beside Lirac village

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