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Hyères Photo Gallery

  •  Hyères photo hyeres006b.jpg

    1/10. Looking down on Hyères old town from the gardens above.

  •  Hyères photo hyeres081b.jpg

    2/10. Terrace café-restaurants in the main "place" of Hyères old town

  •  Hyères photo hyeres100b.jpg

    3/10. Hyères' medieval "Porte Peniscola" with vaulted passage and tower

  •  Hyères photo hyeres094b.jpg

    4/10. An all-stone street between ivy and fig trees, Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres002b.jpg

    5/10. Hyères doorway of ancient carved stone and Provençal pastels

  •  Hyères photo hyeres048b.jpg

    6/10. Hyères old-village street with Provençal pastels and flowers

  •  Hyères photo hyeres095b.jpg

    7/10. Very narrow old street past pastel yellow walls, Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres082b.jpg

    8/10. Hyères cobblestone step-street between stone walls, leading up to "Porte Peniscola"

  •  Hyères photo hyeres089b2.jpg

    9/10. An especially nice sundial (cadran solaire) "La Barbacane", Hyères

  •  Hyères photo hyeres022b.jpg

    10/10. The Tour-Fondue fortress on the Presqu'ile de Giens, Hyères

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