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Homps Photo Gallery

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0013b.jpg

    1/13. Canal-side terrace restaurant by the Canal du Midi locks at Homps

  •  Homps photo homps0003b.jpg

    2/13. Town map of Homps shows more canal activities than village

  •  Homps photo homps0017b.jpg

    3/13. The Saint-Amand church of Homps is listed as being 12th century, no doubt an earlier version

  •  Homps photo homps0027b.jpg

    4/13. Homps honors its war heros, like all the villages of France

  •  Homps photo homps-cyclists0001b.jpg

    5/13. Group of cyclists pedaling through the village of Homps

  •  Homps photo homps0025b.jpg

    6/13. Blue shutters and doors on a house in the small village of Homps

  •  Homps photo homps0014b.jpg

    7/13. Canal-side museum in Homps exhibiting "The Time of the Barges" on the Canal du Midi

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0007b.jpg

    8/13. Barges and boats on the Canal du Midi at Homps

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0018b.jpg

    9/13. Footbridge arched over the Canal du Midi by the Port du Homps

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0051b.jpg

    10/13. Yacht owners of all classes enjoy a lunchtime pause on the Canal du Midi at Homps

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0043b.jpg

    11/13. Canal du Midi basin area at the village of Homps

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0010b.jpg

    12/13. Tree lined Canal du Midi leading west from Homps

  •  Homps photo homps-canal0052b.jpg

    13/13. Canal-side restaurant terrace in Homps, beside the Canal du Midi

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