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Guillestre Photo Gallery

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0009b.jpg

    1/16. Guillestre old town, looking north to the mountains

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0011b.jpg

    2/16. Place Joseph Salva in Guillestre, with terrace cafés and the office de tourisme

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0015b.jpg

    3/16. Cyclists collected around the fountain of Place Joseph Salva in Guillestre

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0022b.jpg

    4/16. The yellow 'eagle' house in Guillestre, with the Embrunais mountains to the south

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0023b.jpg

    5/16. Detail of shutters and emblem on the 'eagle' house in Guillestre

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0007b.jpg

    6/16. Entry of the 16th-centry pink-marble church of Guillestre, with pillars supported by carved lions

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0046b.jpg

    7/16. One of the carved lions supporting the 'Réal' porch of the 16th-c Guillestre church

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0061b.jpg

    8/16. Blue chapel and the Guillestre church bell tower, with double sundails

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0071b.jpg

    9/16. The blue chapel on the Claustre square beside the church in Guillestre

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0065b.jpg

    10/16. Pink marble fountain on the Claustre square in Guillestre

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0039b.jpg

    11/16. Place du Général Albert in Guillestre in full restoration, Sept 2015

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0075b.jpg

    12/16. Place du Portail in the old town of Guillestre

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0089b.jpg

    13/16. Place du Colonel Bonnet in Guillestre, a mixture of colorful and unrestored houses

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre0002b.jpg

    14/16. The Tour d'Eygliers -- a renovated tower on the medieval town wall

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre082b.jpg

    15/16. The Gorges de Guil, approaching Guillestre from the east

  •  Guillestre photo guillestre-sundial0002b.jpg

    16/16. 18th-century sundial on Place General Albert in the heart of of Guillestre

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