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Grand-Combe Photo Gallery

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0007b.jpg

    1/9. Saturday market on Place Jean Jaurès at La Grand-Combe

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0011b.jpg

    2/9. Young musicians with a free concert for market day at La Grand-Combe

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0016b.jpg

    3/9. Part of La Grand-Combe weekly market is a flower market

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0031b.jpg

    4/9. Bakery mural outside a La Grand-Combe bakery

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0044b.jpg

    5/9. La Grand-Combe town is modernizing, but Progress isn't found everywhere

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0055b.jpg

    6/9. A shuttle bus service transports people from outlying areas for La Grand-Combe market

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe0027b.jpg

    7/9. Blue shutters, white cat in La Grand-Combe

  •  Grand-Combe photo grand-combe-mine0003b.jpg

    8/9. Coal mine at La Grande-Combe with a marvelous museum

  •  Grand-Combe photo ayres-sheep0005b.jpg

    9/9. Summer transhumance at Les Ayres village northwest of La Grande-Combe

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