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Gorbio Photo Gallery

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0008b.jpg

    1/16. Perched Medieval village of Gorbio. The Mediterranean is visable at the right.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0009b.jpg

    2/16. A closer view of the perched Gorbio village.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio014b.jpg

    3/16. Perched Gorbio village and chateau.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio015b.jpg

    4/16. Gorbio village square on an Easter Sunday (2001).

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0086b.jpg

    5/16. Gorbio village square on a sunny January (2008). Low clouds are hanging on the mountain tops behind.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio025b.jpg

    6/16. Gorbio village square and its ancient tree.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0015b.jpg

    7/16. The Gorbio lavoir on a washing day.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0035b.jpg

    8/16. Gorbio's town hall, on the Place de la Mairie.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0031b.jpg

    9/16. The beautiful Fontaine de Malaussene (1882). At the Place de la Mairie.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio019b.jpg

    10/16. Young footballer with Easter goodies, waiting by arched passage.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio021b.jpg

    11/16. A narrow Gorbio medieval street.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0061b.jpg

    12/16. Gorbio's Tour Lascaris, above the Place Honoré Vial.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0054b.jpg

    13/16. Colorful house inside the village of Gorbio.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0056b.jpg

    14/16. Colorful clock town on Gorbio's 17th-century church.

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0037b.jpg

    15/16. Gorbio Pénitents Blancs Chapel (1445).

  •  Gorbio photo gorbio0081b.jpg

    16/16. A clockwork Christmas Nativity (Creche de Noel).

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