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Gonfaron Photo Gallery

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0002.jpg

    1/12. Gonfaron viewed from the east.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0157.jpg

    2/12. Place de la Victoire. Plane trees still naked in early March; Mairie at the left edge.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0061.jpg

    3/12. Gonfaron's tall hexagonal clock tower.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0063.jpg

    4/12. 16th-c Campanile at top of the clock tower.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0067.jpg

    5/12. Narrow town street: Rue Thiers.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0070.jpg

    6/12. Lavender field mural and drying clothes.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0025.jpg

    7/12. 19th century fountain Place Aimé Mario.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0089.jpg

    8/12. La Grande fountain Place Aimé Mario. Front side of the same fountain as in the previous photo, from a 100+ year-old photo loaned to us by an old lady who lives right here.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0007.jpg

    9/12. Fountain face close-up. From the fountain on Place de la Victoire, in front of the Mairie.

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0114.jpg

    10/12. Wine cooperative 'Les Vignerons de Gonfaron'

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0121.jpg

    11/12. Gonfaron railway station, and passing TGV

  •  Gonfaron photo gonfaron0128.jpg

    12/12. Gonfaron town viewed from the west side - The old mills were along the foreground street, at the right.

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