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Gilette Photo Gallery

  •  Gilette photo gilette0001b.jpg

    1/11. Gilette village tucked into its rocky saddle.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0045b.jpg

    2/11. Aerial view of Gilette, northwest.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0046b.jpg

    3/11. Aerial view of Gilette, southeast.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0012b.jpg

    4/11. The main road through Gilette. Passing beneath the main village square.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0079b.jpg

    5/11. Cyclists coming in on the main road from the northwest.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0090b.jpg

    6/11. Café on the main road east. Typical village café life, with youths and scooters, and the café tables spilling into the main road.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0028b.jpg

    7/11. Village "steps" street up towards chateau.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0030b.jpg

    8/11. Looking down an old village street.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0055b.jpg

    9/11. The upper-level square (place). This crosses over the top of the road through the village.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0103b.jpg

    10/11. A grand old house at the edge of the village.

  •  Gilette photo gilette0038b.jpg

    11/11. The wooden Friendship (l'amitié) sculpture.

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