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Gassin Photo Gallery

  •  Gassin photo gassin0053b.jpg

    1/12. Gassin village peaking out from its perched hilltop location

  •  Gassin photo gassin0061b.jpg

    2/12. View from Gassin village: the Gulf of St Tropez - Sainte-Maxime is on the far side, far right

  •  Gassin photo gassin0070b.jpg

    3/12. Strolling street of terrace restaurants in Gassin village

  •  Gassin photo gassin0004b.jpg

    4/12. Gassin's town hall (mairie), dated 1869

  •  Gassin photo gassin0001b.jpg

    5/12. Gassin village street, neat and colorful

  •  Gassin photo gassin0007b.jpg

    6/12. Gassin village houses, stone facades and colorful shutters

  •  Gassin photo gassin0012b.jpg

    7/12. A Gassin village street, and one of the 17th-century covered wells

  •  Gassin photo gassin0021b.jpg

    8/12. A stone-fronted house in the center of Gassin village

  •  Gassin photo gassin0038b.jpg

    9/12. A Gassin village street looking out onto the Gulf of St Tropez

  •  Gassin photo gassin0019b.jpg

    10/12. Vaulted passage and stone walls in Gassin village

  •  Gassin photo gassin0050b.jpg

    11/12. Vaulted passage and steps at night, in Gassin village

  •  Gassin photo gassin-cat0012b.jpg

    12/12. Gassin village cat

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