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Gargas Photo Gallery

  •  Gargas photo gargas0027b.jpg

    1/11. Gargas village Presse - Tabac magazine shop

  •  Gargas photo gargas0039b.jpg

    2/11. The Gargas village church, viewed from the town side

  •  Gargas photo gargas0016b.jpg

    3/11. Modern main square in Gargas village - the fountain at the right

  •  Gargas photo gargas0020b.jpg

    4/11. A very shady and welcoming terrace café in Gargas village

  •  Gargas photo gargas0029b.jpg

    5/11. Behind the fountain, the Gargas town hall (Mairie) with its sundial

  •  Gargas photo gargas0033b.jpg

    6/11. Spigot detail of the town-hall fountain in Gargas village

  •  Gargas photo gargas0051b.jpg

    7/11. A Gargas village fountain tucked into the shade opposite La Fountaine café-restaurant

  •  Gargas photo gargas0025b.jpg

    8/11. top of an old iron windmill in Gargas village

  •  Gargas photo gargas0055b.jpg

    9/11. This covered lavoir at Perrotet hamlet of Gargas is dated 1869

  •  Gargas photo gargas0035b.jpg

    10/11. The sundial on the Gargas village town hall is made of small ceramic tiles

  •  Gargas photo gargas0013b.jpg

    11/11. Hiking signpost in Gargas with Grande Randonée marks and distance to nearby villages

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