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Frayssinet Photo Gallery

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0076b.jpg

    1/13. Frayssinet's authentic village center. There's more to Frayssinet than this, of course:

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0049b.jpg

    2/13. Eye-catching stabiles at the turning into Frayssinet village from the main road.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0055b.jpg

    3/13. Main stree Frayssinet, leading into the lower village. The church and the upper village is visible in the upper center.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0063b.jpg

    4/13. The old weighbridge at the entrance to Frayssinet village. An old mill is visible behind.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0052b.jpg

    5/13. An old mill in Frayssinet village. We're guessing that's what this was, since the little river/canal goes through the bottom of the building.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0053b.jpg

    6/13. The old mill in Frayssinet, with an ancient wall mural for a general / grocery store.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0060b.jpg

    7/13. A Frayssinet village street.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0062b.jpg

    8/13. Peering over the wall into a Frayssinet garden.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0074b.jpg

    9/13. Stone house with pigeonnier (dovecote) along the entrance road into Frayssinet village.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0004b.jpg

    10/13. An old pigeonnier (dovecote) tower at the edge of Frayssinet village.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0036b.jpg

    11/13. A lovely private home converted from a mill, at the northern end of Frayssinet.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet0030b.jpg

    12/13. A stately residence with pigeonnier at Tufféry, just north of Frayssinet village.

  •  Frayssinet photo frayssinet-hike0025b.jpg

    13/13. One of the hamlets seen on a walk/hike from Frayssinet village.

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