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Eyguières Photo Gallery

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0028b.jpg

    1/13. Eyguières church belfry and campanille. Note that the bell is ringing at this moment.

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0036b.jpg

    2/13. Eyguières' 18th-century Notre Dame de Grâce church and "cage" campanille.

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0042b.jpg

    3/13. Looking east across the red tile roofs of Eyguières.

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0017b.jpg

    4/13. Place Thiers in the center of Eyguières, and the Notre Dame de Grâce church

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0056b.jpg

    5/13. Eyguières town hall (mairie) on the Ave Gabriel Péri, and a nice wall mural.

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0014b.jpg

    6/13. The Eyguières office de tourisme

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0058b.jpg

    7/13. Eyguières' 19th-century Fontaine à la Coquille on Ave Gabriel Péri

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0015b.jpg

    8/13. Eyguières tabac, books-magazine shop

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0016b.jpg

    9/13. Eyguières bakery and local transporation

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0066b.jpg

    10/13. Eyguières bakery with more ancient transportation

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0068b.jpg

    11/13. Eyguières book shop "Read and Write"

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0049b.jpg

    12/13. An ancient gas-station garage lost in a now-residentail part of Eyguières

  •  Eyguières photo eyguieres0003b.jpg

    13/13. Chateau de la Reine Jeanne (12th-13th-c), 2 km north of the center of Eyguières

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