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Embrun Photo Gallery

  •  Embrun photo embrun0346b.jpg

    1/21. View of Embrun along the top of the cliffs, viewed from the south side of the Durance

  •  Embrun photo embrun0147b.jpg

    2/21. Embrun's 12th-century Cathedrale Notre-Dame and bell tower

  •  Embrun photo embrun0134b.jpg

    3/21. Entry of the 12th-century Cathedrale Notre-Dame du Réal in Embrun, with carved lion guards

  •  Embrun photo embrun0135b.jpg

    4/21. An Embrun carved lion with prey and creature bearing-the-weight at Embrun's Cathedrale Notre-Dame

  •  Embrun photo embrun0162b.jpg

    5/21. A quiet time on the Place Barthelon in the center of Embrun old town

  •  Embrun photo embrun0181b.jpg

    6/21. North side of the Place Barthelon in Embrun, with its fountain

  •  Embrun photo embrun-night0025b.jpg

    7/21. The Place Barthelon square of Embrun at night

  •  Embrun photo embrun0170b.jpg

    8/21. Colorful town hall (Mairie) on Place Barthelon in Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun0052b.jpg

    9/21. Place Barthelon leading to Rue Clovis Hugues in Embrun,

  •  Embrun photo embrun0046b.jpg

    10/21. Pastel building in Embrun with lizard carvings

  •  Embrun photo embrun0196b.jpg

    11/21. This lovely old church building is now the Embrun Office de Tourisme

  •  Embrun photo embrun0058b.jpg

    12/21. Place de la Mazelière in the heart of Embrun's historic center

  •  Embrun photo embrun0070b.jpg

    13/21. Medieval doorways on Rue de la Liberté in old Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun0088b.jpg

    14/21. The Embrun-style fountain on Rue de la Liberté in Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun0212b.jpg

    15/21. The typical Embrun fountain, on the little Place Dowgois in the old town

  •  Embrun photo embrun0119b.jpg

    16/21. Shoppers (and talkers) on Rue Hugues in the old town of Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun0034b.jpg

    17/21. Rue Sainte Cecile leading to the Cathedral of Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun0159b.jpg

    18/21. The 12th-century Tour Brune is the only remnant of the medieval walls of Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun0227b.jpg

    19/21. Interior of a building in Embrun that's been in use since the 17th century

  •  Embrun photo embrun0340b.jpg

    20/21. Bronze readers in the cliff-side park of Embrun

  •  Embrun photo embrun-iph0015b.jpg

    21/21. Cliffs of Embrun, from 'Dessous le Roc along the Durance river

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