• 1/10. Draguignan's ancient Tour de l'Horloge, on a low rocky hill above the town.

     Draguignan photo draguignan053b.jpg (76 k)
  • 2/10. View of Draguignan center; the Tour de l'Horloge is the tower at the right

     Draguignan photo draguignan0038b.jpg (101 k)
  • 3/10. Draguignan's ancient Tour de l'Horloge

     Draguignan photo draguignan0024b.jpg (72 k)
  • 4/10. Wrought-iron campanile on top of Draguignan's Tour de l'Horloge

     Draguignan photo draguignan0027b.jpg (56 k)
  • 5/10. Medieval arched portail in the old town of Draguignan

     Draguignan photo draguignan0033b.jpg (72 k)
  • 6/10. Market day square in Draguignan old town, early morning

     Draguignan photo draguignan0011b.jpg (85 k)
  • 7/10. Ancient stone fountain and houses in the old town of Draguignan

     Draguignan photo draguignan0056b.jpg (89 k)
  • 8/10. Nicely decorated olive oil mill in the center of old Draguignan

     Draguignan photo draguignan0018b.jpg (56 k)
  • 9/10. Provencal pastels of a terrace restaurant in the center of Draguignan

     Draguignan photo draguignan0044b.jpg (64 k)
  • 10/10. A wall trompe l'oeil mural in the center of Draguignan, depicting Draguignan

     Draguignan photo draguignan0048b.jpg (85 k)