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Corconne Hike Photo Gallery

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0010b.jpg

    1/14. Start - trail north from Corconne mairie.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0077b.jpg

    2/14. Chapel on the cliffs to the left of the trail. Ruins of the chateau are at the far left.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0020b.jpg

    3/14. The trail from Corconne up the rift. Very rocky, but solid footing.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0022b.jpg

    4/14. Another hiker coming down the trail.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0026b.jpg

    5/14. The Corconne trail passing the Pont du Hassard.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0032b.jpg

    6/14. View back down the rift, from near the top.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0040b.jpg

    7/14. Trail junction for the Chapel. Clearly marked, left (south) for the out-and-back to the chapel and chateau ruins.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0044b.jpg

    8/14. Cliffs to the east of the rift.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0083b.jpg

    9/14. Stone stairs and entrance to the chapel.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0091b.jpg

    10/14. The chapel at the top of the cliffs.

  •  Corconne Hike photo rapace-corconne0031b.jpg

    11/14. An unexpected meeting at the chapel. The bird of prey was more interested in posing for us than flying.

  •  Corconne Hike photo rapace-corconne0025b.jpg

    12/14. When our 'rapace' did fly he was even more beautiful.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0052b.jpg

    13/14. The trail continues, shady, beautiful, and not too steep. Back to the junction (photo-7), this is continuing west towards the top of the plateau.

  •  Corconne Hike photo corconnehike0064b.jpg

    14/14. Forestry road trail for the second half of the loop.

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