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Connaux Photo Gallery

  •  Connaux photo connaux0004b.jpg

    1/11. Bell tower over Place de la Fontaine in Connaux

  •  Connaux photo connaux0012b.jpg

    2/11. Wroght iron campanile on top of the bell tower in Connaux

  •  Connaux photo connaux0009b.jpg

    3/11. Sculptued and statued fountain in Connaux's Place de la Fontaine

  •  Connaux photo connaux0016b.jpg

    4/11. Medieval tower and south side of fortified Connaux

  •  Connaux photo connaux0017b.jpg

    5/11. Medieval tower and east side of fortified Connaux, with the town hall (mairie)

  •  Connaux photo connaux0031b.jpg

    6/11. The old ramparts on the north side of fortified Connaux, now a wall of houses

  •  Connaux photo connaux0051b.jpg

    7/11. Rue de la République leading into Connaux center from the south

  •  Connaux photo connaux0019b.jpg

    8/11. Connaux post office; with sculpted banner "POSTE ET TELEGRAPHE", from pre-telephone days

  •  Connaux photo connaux0035b.jpg

    9/11. An amusing stone head on a house in Connaux

  •  Connaux photo connaux0022b.jpg

    10/11. Chemin de Ronde in Connaux, with classic Deux Cheveaux and the lavoir (barred windows)

  •  Connaux photo connaux-lavoir0005b.jpg

    11/11. The Connaux lavoir, barred for washing but housing some "art".

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