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Collias Photo Gallery

  •  Collias photo collias0002b.jpg

    1/15. Collias village, viewed through the trees from across the river

  •  Collias photo collias0032b.jpg

    2/15. Cyclists crossing the bridge into Collias from the south side of the river

  •  Collias photo collias0099b.jpg

    3/15. A Collias village street with a view of the tall belfry tower

  •  Collias photo collias0055b.jpg

    4/15. Eglise Xxxxxx in Collias

  •  Collias photo collias0061b.jpg

    5/15. A Collias village street

  •  Collias photo collias0112b.jpg

    6/15. A Collias village house and colorful flowers

  •  Collias photo collias0115b.jpg

    7/15. One of several ivy-covered houses in Collias village

  •  Collias photo collias0093b.jpg

    8/15. This Collias café-resturant is below the village, along side the river

  •  Collias photo collias0125b.jpg

    9/15. The main café-restaurant in the center of Collias

  •  Collias photo collias0124b.jpg

    10/15. A wrought-iron balcony on a Collias village house

  •  Collias photo collias0105b.jpg

    11/15. An interesting horse weathervane on a Collias village house

  •  Collias photo collias0008b.jpg

    12/15. This No Parking sign has been in Collias for a very long time

  •  Collias photo collias-canoes0003b.jpg

    13/15. Kayaks being readied beside the Gardon river at Collias

  •  Collias photo collias-canoes0028b.jpg

    14/15. A pair of blue kayaks on the Gardon just below Collias, early morning

  •  Collias photo collias-canoes0022b.jpg

    15/15. Kayaks heading downstream from Collias on the Gardon river

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