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Chamaret Photo Gallery

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret0002b.jpg

    1/7. Chamaret village main street, donjon tower behind

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret0005b.jpg

    2/7. Donjon tower overlooking the village of Chamaret

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret0014b.jpg

    3/7. Chamaret stone buildings are ancient but neat

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret0012b.jpg

    4/7. Chamaret village café, often the heart of a French village

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret0020b.jpg

    5/7. Chamaret village center and the church with its tower and campanile

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret0006b.jpg

    6/7. Chamaret village sundial of enamel, with view of the village

  •  Chamaret photo chamaret-sundial0009b.jpg

    7/7. Pretty sundial in Chamaret is unusual and imaginative - Details include the Café de l'Avenue, cyclist an petanque players

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