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Ceillac Villard Photo Gallery

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvil0027.jpg

    1/11. Villard hamlet in the mountains. Looking west, back in the direction of Ceillac.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvil0027d.jpg

    2/11. Detail of photo-1. The furthest house (far left edge) has the sundials. The nearest (right edge) is the chapel and house being rebuilt, and not actually in Le Villard.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvil0001.jpg

    3/11. The "centre ville" area of Le Villard. This is all there is. The sundials are at the far left corner of the far left house.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvil0018.jpg

    4/11. A central house in Le Villard.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvilhike0002.jpg

    5/11. Hikers on the GR5. Heading east away from Le Villard.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvil0020.jpg

    6/11. The chapel and house east of Le Villard. Rebuilt over the years by a group of friends, with all material backpacked up from the road far below.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvil0008.jpg

    7/11. Le Tioure house. East of Le Villard, beside the trail to Les Chalmetes.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacvilsun0065.jpg

    8/11. Le Villard's 19th-century sundials.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacchal0004.jpg

    9/11. Les Chalmettes hamlet on the mountainside. Looking southeast past the hamlet. The hamlet's hamlet of La Rua des Chalmettes is the cluster of 3-4 houses past the main group.SMALL PHOTO OF CHALMETTES

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacchal0008.jpg

    10/11. A wooden house in Les Chalmettes.

  •  Ceillac Villard photo ceillacchal0009.jpg

    11/11. The magnificent portable sundial hand-built by M. Bonnet of La Rua de Chalmettes (and Marseille).

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