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Caunette Photo Gallery

  •  Caunette photo caunette0041b.jpg

    1/14. The old church of La Caunette with its lovely slate tile roof

  •  Caunette photo caunette0008b.jpg

    2/14. La Caunette village main street, with grocery store and post office equivalent

  •  Caunette photo caunette0027b.jpg

    3/14. One of the inner village streets of La Caunette

  •  Caunette photo caunette0011b.jpg

    4/14. Vaulted passages in the old village of La Caunette

  •  Caunette photo caunette0017b.jpg

    5/14. A house (and gite) in the center of La Caunette village

  •  Caunette photo caunette0013b.jpg

    6/14. La Caunette village is built against a rocky ridge

  •  Caunette photo caunette0037b.jpg

    7/14. A few narrow streets and stone houses in La Caunette village

  •  Caunette photo caunette0023b.jpg

    8/14. Stone walls and narrow stone steps in the village of La Caunette

  •  Caunette photo caunette0016b.jpg

    9/14. An old doorway in La Caunette, unusual with the red brick rather than the usual stone

  •  Caunette photo caunette0018b.jpg

    10/14. This sculpted stone doorway in La Caunette village is dated 1617, very early 17th century

  •  Caunette photo caunette0050b.jpg

    11/14. A medieval tower and entry portal into La Caunette village

  •  Caunette photo caunette0007b.jpg

    12/14. Another terrace restaurant in the little village of La Caunette

  •  Caunette photo caunette0004b.jpg

    13/14. Café de la Place in La Caunette is a Café de Pays

  •  Caunette photo caunette0003b.jpg

    14/14. A salad meal at the Café de Pays in La Caunette - with fresh fruit, vegetables, egg and goat cheese

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