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Casterino Photo Gallery

  •  Casterino photo casterino039b.jpg

    1/6. Terrace café in "downtown" Casterino.

  •  Casterino photo casterino049b.jpg

    2/6. Mountain trail passing old war bunkers

  •  Casterino photo casterino050b.jpg

    3/6. Hiking past mountain herd. Hiking signpost in the mountains, with bull, cow and calf.

  •  Casterino photo casterino062b.jpg

    4/6. VTT cyclists on mountain trail. at about 2000 m.

  •  Casterino photo casterino066b.jpg

    5/6. Sheep at a mountain watering trough.

  •  Casterino photo casterino032b.jpg

    6/6. Wooden bridge over a mountain stream beside the road

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