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Castelnaudary Photo Gallery

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0010b.jpg

    1/11. Castelnaudary town viewed across the Canal du Midi turning basin, Le Canelot

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0014b.jpg

    2/11. Castelnaudary town viewed from the south, across the Canal du Midi turning basin

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0015b.jpg

    3/11. Pleasure boat motoring towards Castelnaudary town

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0009b.jpg

    4/11. Medieval fortified gateway tower in Castelnaudary

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0028b.jpg

    5/11. Imaginative wall mural for a Castelnaudary town bakery

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0004b.jpg

    6/11. Ancient windmill Moulin de Cugarel on the north edge of Castelnaudary

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0031b.jpg

    7/11. Dutch style canal boats on the Canal du Midi at Castelnaudary - Along the south bank of the canal on the eastern approach to the Castelnaudary turning basin

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0019b.jpg

    8/11. Locks on the Canal du Midi leading southeast from Castelnaudary

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0019bb.jpg

    9/11. Evocative slogan on the Castelnaudary canal locks

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0023b.jpg

    10/11. Boats entering the locks of the Canal du Midi at Castelnaudary

  •  Castelnaudary photo castelnaudary0027b.jpg

    11/11. Boats heading southeast from the Canal du Midi locks at Castelnaudary

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