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Cassis Photo Gallery

  •  Cassis photo cassis049w.jpg

    1/7. A very wide-angle (collage) view of Cassis harbor.

  •  Cassis photo cassis074b.jpg

    2/7. Little fishing boats in Cassis harbor, with a view of the chateau above.

  •  Cassis photo cassis085b.jpg

    3/7. The chateau-fort on the hilltop above Cassis village.

  •  Cassis photo cassis040b.jpg

    4/7. Cassis village bay and beach, from the chateau hill; the harbor entrance is at the left.

  •  Cassis photo cassis080b.jpg

    5/7. The hurdy-gurdy man at an open-air art market in Cassis

  •  Cassis photo cassis082b.jpg

    6/7. A Cassis old village fountain.

  •  Cassis photo cassis076b.jpg

    7/7. A Cassis village house in the "colors of Provence".

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