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Caromb Photo Gallery

  •  Caromb photo caromb0002b.jpg

    1/16. The 14th-c St-Maurice church dominating the village of Caromb

  •  Caromb photo caromb0090b.jpg

    2/16. Exterior view of Caromb village - taken from the neighboring village of Crillon-le-Brave

  •  Caromb photo caromb0012b.jpg

    3/16. Cyclists at the main fountain in Caromb - a common sight here at the flancs of Mont Ventoux

  •  Caromb photo caromb008b.jpg

    4/16. The front of the 14th-c St-Maurice church in the village of Caromb

  •  Caromb photo caromb0076b.jpg

    5/16. Eglise St Maurice Collégial Notre dame des Grâces in Caromb - with its multifaceted belfry

  •  Caromb photo caromb0053b.jpg

    6/16. Vaulted passage in Caromb old town

  •  Caromb photo caromb014b.jpg

    7/16. Caromb's 1th-c tower beside handy café terrace - (in June 2013 the café was gone)

  •  Caromb photo caromb0024b.jpg

    8/16. Ornate iron campanile on 16th-c tower in Caromb village

  •  Caromb photo caromb0045b.jpg

    9/16. A knight in a wall nook in the old village of Caromb

  •  Caromb photo caromb0047b.jpg

    10/16. Ancient carved-stone doorway-1 in Caromb

  •  Caromb photo caromb0058b.jpg

    11/16. Ancient carved-stone doorway-2 in Caromb

  •  Caromb photo caromb009b.jpg

    12/16. Caromb's 1359 Fontain du Chateau and blue shutters - taken in April 1996 (the early days of Provence-Beyond)

  •  Caromb photo caromb0061b.jpg

    13/16. Caromb's oldest fountain, the 1359 Fontain du Chateau - taken in June 2013

  •  Caromb photo caromb0063b.jpg

    14/16. Detail of spigot face on the 1359 Fontain du Chateau in Caromb

  •  Caromb photo caromb0032b.jpg

    15/16. Top of the 1885 Fontaine de l'Ange

  •  Caromb photo caromb0035b.jpg

    16/16. Bottom of the 1885 Fontaine de l'Ange

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