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Calmette Photo Gallery

  •  Calmette photo calmette0022b.jpg

    1/14. Picturesque pigeonnier (dovecote) on the roofs of La Calmette

  •  Calmette photo calmette-aerial001b.jpg

    2/14. Aerial map view of La Calmette village

  •  Calmette photo calmette0067b.jpg

    3/14. Large house in La Calmette, topped with a pigeonnier

  •  Calmette photo calmette0007b.jpg

    4/14. Medieval "porte" in central La Calmette village

  •  Calmette photo calmette0042b.jpg

    5/14. La Calmette town hall (mairie)

  •  Calmette photo calmette0072b.jpg

    6/14. This Spanish-looking chapel in La Calmette's Protestant church

  •  Calmette photo calmette0053b.jpg

    7/14. This is the old lavoir, on Rue du Lavoir in La Calmette - it's now a garage

  •  Calmette photo calmette0045b.jpg

    8/14. La Calmette terrace restaurant, called Restaurant La Terrace

  •  Calmette photo calmette0039b.jpg

    9/14. Ancient sculpted window casement in La Calmette village

  •  Calmette photo calmette0028b.jpg

    10/14. La Calmette red shutters, furniture transport system

  •  Calmette photo calmette0043b.jpg

    11/14. Old red shutters in the central square of La Calmette

  •  Calmette photo calmette0002b.jpg

    12/14. La Calmette, Auberge du Nord

  •  Calmette photo calmette0044b.jpg

    13/14. Ornate iron fountain in the center of La Calmette

  •  Calmette photo calmette0047b.jpg

    14/14. Village door in La Calmette village, with signs of bullfights

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