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Callas Photo Gallery

  •  Callas photo callas0059.jpg

    1/11. Lavoir.

  •  Callas photo callas0051.jpg

    2/11. Callas village.

  •  Callas photo callas0006.jpg

    3/11. Callas village closer.

  •  Callas photo callas0067.jpg

    4/11. The village square.

  •  Callas photo callas0038.jpg

    5/11. Fountain figures. Bas relief Saint Eloi on the fountain in the village square.

  •  Callas photo callas0041.jpg

    6/11. Shops and café. Beside the main village square; the post office at the left.

  •  Callas photo callas0044.jpg

    7/11. Brighter shops. The boulangerie is also a tea room. And we bought one of those baskets and four bottles from the "Cave de la Dame Jeanne" at the right.

  •  Callas photo callas0010.jpg

    8/11. Ancient doorways.

  •  Callas photo callas0012.jpg

    9/11. Town hall, and more. The flag is on the front of the "mairie". Clock tower and campanile behind. And an old sundial at the right.

  •  Callas photo callas0058.jpg

    10/11. Stone step-streets.

  •  Callas photo callas0024.jpg

    11/11. Railway tunnel beneath the village.

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