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Caille Photo Gallery

  •  Caille photo caille0055b.jpg

    1/10. Caille village, south side

  •  Caille photo caille0052b.jpg

    2/10. Caille village across the fields

  •  Caille photo caille0046b.jpg

    3/10. Caille village with the imposing Baou Roux behind

  •  Caille photo caille0037b.jpg

    4/10. The Boulangerie Audibert bakery of Caille village has been in business since 1945

  •  Caille photo caille0034b.jpg

    5/10. The general store (La Caille Qui Rit) of Caille village - Seems to have just about everything, from groceries to the Internet

  •  Caille photo caille0028b.jpg

    6/10. A Caille village house, with an open attic

  •  Caille photo caille0026b.jpg

    7/10. One of several 19th-century doorways in Caille village

  •  Caille photo caille0019b.jpg

    8/10. A vaulted passage in Caille

  •  Caille photo caille0023b.jpg

    9/10. One part of the Caille village lavoir

  •  Caille photo caille0038b.jpg

    10/10. One of the older buildings in the village of Caille

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