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Brue-Auriac Photo Gallery

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0009b.jpg

    1/9. Brue-Auriac St-Georges church and center shops.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0004b.jpg

    2/9. Brue-Auriac village center. Town hall (hotel de ville) at right, with campanile.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0010b.jpg

    3/9. Clock tower and campanile on Brue-Auriac town hall.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0031b.jpg

    4/9. Fountain in the main square of Brue-Auriac.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0030b.jpg

    5/9. Brue-Auriac fountain close-up.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0013b.jpg

    6/9. The tree-lined Cours Roux de Corse in Brue-Auriac. The 17th-century chateau is at the far end.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0003b.jpg

    7/9. Chapelle du Cours of Brue-Auriac, on the Cours Roux de Corse.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0016b.jpg

    8/9. The late 17th-century chateau of Brue-Auriac.

  •  Brue-Auriac photo brue-auriac0039b.jpg

    9/9. Brue-Auriac pigeonnier (dovecote) built in 1750. Said to be the nicest one in Provence.

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