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Brigue Photo Gallery

  •  Brigue photo brigue0026.jpg

    1/12. Blue arcade building in La Brigue.

  •  Brigue photo brigue0025.jpg

    2/12. The Rio Sec coming down into La Brigue village

  •  Brigue photo brigue0024.jpg

    3/12. A vaulted entrance passage at La Brigue.

  •  Brigue photo brigue0038.jpg

    4/12. An arcade building beside the Rio Sec in La Brigue

  •  Brigue photo brigue0033.jpg

    5/12. Card players in the arches of La Brigue.

  •  Brigue photo brigue0004.jpg

    6/12. La Brigue chapelle de l'Annonciade

  •  Brigue photo brigue0045.jpg

    7/12. St-Martin collegiale church of La Brigue.

  •  Brigue photo brigue0034.jpg

    8/12. La Brigue street scene

  •  Brigue photo brigue0052.jpg

    9/12. Moulin de La Brigue

  •  Brigue photo brigue0048.jpg

    10/12. Notre-Dame des Fontaines chapel at La Brigue.

  •  Brigue photo brigue0059.jpg

    11/12. A lovely complex stone bridge in La Brigue.

  •  Brigue photo brigue0053.jpg

    12/12. The hamlet of Morignole near La Brigue.

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