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Brignoles Photo Gallery

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0047b.jpg

    1/16. Large trompe l'oeil wall mural of Brignoles

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0058b.jpg

    2/16. The Mairie town hall of Brignoles, on the Place Caramy - Below a window near the upper right, a pair a banners announce the Tour de France 2009 cycling race; stage 2 will finish here in Brignoles. A digital clock displays ''J-x'' to show the number of day remaining until the big event.

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0057b.jpg

    3/16. The Place Caramy in Brignoles, with a nice but naked fountain (2009)

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0002b.jpg

    4/16. Brignoles' Place Caramy fountain, in its mossy covering of 2001.

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0009b.jpg

    5/16. Les Grands Esaliers Blancs street leading to the upper part of Brignoles' Medieval old town.

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0063b.jpg

    6/16. The long, narrow Rue St-Esprite leading up into Brignoles' old town

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0089b.jpg

    7/16. A vaulted passage beside Brignoles' 13th-c Eglise Saint-Sauveur

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0103b.jpg

    8/16. Looking back at the vaulted passage beside Brignoles' 13th-c Eglise Saint-Sauveur

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0019b.jpg

    9/16. Ancient wall signs in Brignoles old town. These ancient advertisements are opposite the grand, Romanesque doorway of the 13th-c Saint-Sauveur church.

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0114b.jpg

    10/16. Place des Comtes (left side) in Brignoles old town - the Palace of the Counts of Provence - Over the doorway at the far left a plaque reads ''Palais des comtes de Provence; Musée du Pays Brignolais''.

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0116b.jpg

    11/16. Place des Comtes (right side) in Brignoles old town

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0087b.jpg

    12/16. Doorway to the first Count's Palace, 13th-century - Here, in 1274, Saint Louis d'Anjou, the patron of Brignoles, was born.

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0022b.jpg

    13/16. Fortified doorway of the the "Anciennes Prisons Royales (18th century)"

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0106b.jpg

    14/16. An ancient doorway in the Medieval old town of Brignoles

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0094b.jpg

    15/16. Windows in Brignoles

  •  Brignoles photo brignoles0126b.jpg

    16/16. A 4-headed fountain in Brignoles, at the aptly named Place Robinet (Faucet Square)

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