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Briançonnet Photo Gallery

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0002b.jpg

    1/10. Briançonnet village, autumn colors, castle ruins. Viewed from the north end of the village.

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0008b.jpg

    2/10. Briançonnet village street scene.

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0009b.jpg

    3/10. Briançonnet village church.

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0010b.jpg

    4/10. Fountain, vaulted passage, on Briançonnet main street.

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0046b.jpg

    5/10. Stone fountain at the western end of Briançonnet village

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0013b.jpg

    6/10. Briançonnet main street, with the village café-restaurant

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0016b.jpg

    7/10. Large colorful building at southwest end of Briançonnet main street. The village grocery store (alimentation) is the left-hand door.

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0028b.jpg

    8/10. Briançonnet village exterior view - Looking northeast at the mountains separating this area from the Var river valley

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0029b.jpg

    9/10. View east from Briançonnet, snow-covered Alpes in the distance

  •  Brianconnet photo brianconnet0044b.jpg

    10/10. Pretty, little park at the west end of Briançonnet.

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