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Bras Photo Gallery

  •  Bras photo bras0066b.jpg

    1/13. Bras (Var) village and pigeonnier (dovecote). Only the west end of the village is seen here, along with the chapel and ruins on the hill above.

  •  Bras photo bras0001b.jpg

    2/13. Bras (Var) village across the field.

  •  Bras photo bras0007b.jpg

    3/13. Bras (Var) village, center part.

  •  Bras photo bras0014b.jpg

    4/13. Colorful old building in Bras (Var) village.

  •  Bras photo bras0015b.jpg

    5/13. The road into the center of Bras (Var) village.

  •  Bras photo bras0017b.jpg

    6/13. Les "Farraïoun" step-street into Bras village.

  •  Bras photo bras0031b.jpg

    7/13. Church and colorful houses in the center of Bras (Var) village.

  •  Bras photo bras0025b.jpg

    8/13. Bras village's Fontaine aux gargouilles.

  •  Bras photo bras0043b.jpg

    9/13. A smaller, 19th-century fountain in Bras (Var) village.

  •  Bras photo bras0038b.jpg

    10/13. The cinema in Bras (Var) village, dated 1923 - 2000.

  •  Bras photo bras0050b.jpg

    11/13. An ancient doorway in the old town of Bras (Var) village.

  •  Bras photo bras0052b.jpg

    12/13. The chateau of Bras (Var) village in the 18th century. It later housed the village school, the town hall and then the post office.

  •  Bras photo bras0062b.jpg

    13/13. The lavoir beside the Cauron river, at the west side of Bras (Var) village.

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