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Borrèze Photo Gallery

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0041b.jpg

    1/10. Borrèze village center. Borrèze, in the Midi-Pyrénées, isn't big but has a lot of ancient pigennieres

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0004b.jpg

    2/10. House with prominent pigeonnier (dovecote) in the center of Borrèze village.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0006b.jpg

    3/10. Antother pigeonnier (dovecote) house in the center of Borrèze village.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0016b.jpg

    4/10. The café-restaurant of Borrèze.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0015b.jpg

    5/10. The terrace of Borrèze's café-restaurant. Also the owner's family area; and next Friday's 16-euro menu including jazz concert.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0019b.jpg

    6/10. A view of Borrèze from beside the village school.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0009b.jpg

    7/10. A slate roof with built-in pigeonnier (dovecote) slots, by the tower of the Borrèze village church.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0024b.jpg

    8/10. An old barn-shed on a littel street in the center of Borrèze village.

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0025b.jpg

    9/10. A Borrèze center-village farmhouse, with pigeonnier (dovecote) along the top of the wall,

  •  Borrèze photo borreze0030b.jpg

    10/10. This Borrèze pigeonnier (dovecote) is built into the wooden front of an onl building, behind an arched stone entrance with '1789' carved in the keystone.

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